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Facts & Figures

At Jewish Federation, we make sure that your gift is put to the best possible use by carefully measuring the results of our grants. Thanks to our ongoing evaluation work, we have been able to develop one of the most effective grant processes among Jewish Federations in North America.

In our annual Impact Report we present detailed successes that were achieved as a result of Jewish Federation funding. Below are some highlights.

  • Caring For Those in Need
    • Offering comprehensive support for vulnerable seniors

      Provided 5,467 one-way rides for elderly Jews aging in their homes

      Served 1,178 seniors with home care assistance such as personal care and chore services to help them remain living independently at home, securely and with dignity

      2,949 seniors living in their own homes benefited from socialization programs to increase their mental and physical well-being

    • Providing safety net services for low-income individuals and families

      1,023 vulnerable Jewish individuals received $430,000 in grants to help them meet critical needs

      14,191 men, women, children and seniors received vital nutritional assistance through food packages, congregate meals and kosher meals

      Delivered case management services to 1,317 Jewish community members living at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty level

    • Enabling self-sufficiency

      505 individuals with special needs received case management, socialization services and other assistance

      Provided 829 individuals with career counseling, job training and job placement services.

  • Enriching Jewish Life & Learning
    • Fostering Jewish education through support for Jewish day and supplementary schools

      520 Jewish supplementary school educators received professional development training

      Granted 1,036 scholarships enabling students to attend Greater Philadelphia Jewish day schools

      Provided supportive services to 54 local supplementary schools

      627 need-based scholarships enabled local children to attend religious school programs


      339 students enrolled in a Jewish community high school

    • Supporting educational and networking opportunities for Jewish college students and adults

      Engaged 472 young Jewish leaders in Greater Philadelphia in leadership training programs, fellowship programs and liaison programs.

    • Strengthening Greater Philadelphia’s Jewish community-building initiatives

      3,086 families participated in Jewish identity programming

    • Enhancing Jewish identity through camps and youth programs

      Provided 464 incentive grants for Jewish overnight camps

      Provided 515 need-based scholarships to Jewish day and overnight camps

  • Supporting Israel & Overseas
    • Building connections between Diaspora and Israeli Jews

      1,848 Greater Philadelphians traveled to Israel

      Sponsored the CreateiNetivot Conference with 400 participants to spark economic development in Federation’s Partnership Together community, Netivot-Sedot Negev

      Engaged more than 1,000 Greater Philadelphia community members in Israel programming through Federation’s shaliach (emissary from Israel)

    • Supporting disadvantaged youth in Israel

      231 children were placed with foster parents in Israel

      Supported 30 outstanding Israeli students from disadvantaged backgrounds to connect them to organizations at the forefront of technological development in Israel

      Served 71,653 at-risk children and youth in Israel through cutting-edge programs

    • Addressing basic needs in Israel and around the world

      3,574 vulnerable seniors living in the Russian Far East received vital basic necessities

      Supported the establishment of a national food bank in Israel that provided food to 372,341 individuals suffering from food insecurity

      867 impoverished Holocaust survivors in Israel received basic necessities, primarily food