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EITC supporting communityBy participating in the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, business concerns will not only know where their tax dollars are going; they will also decide how they’re being spent – all while supporting the Jewish community.

Corporations and business owners can participate in three distinct tax credit programs that provide needs-based scholarships to lower- and middle-income families attending Jewish day schools and pre-schools through the Foundation for Jewish Day Schools. The Foundation, created by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in partnership with the regional Jewish day schools, is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

How it works:

  1. Business concerns that pay taxes in the Commonwealth – including C corporations, S corporations, Partnerships, LLCs and businesses where owners elect “pass through options” on their tax returns – complete a simple on-line registration and then apply to participate in one (or all) of three educational tax credit programs that provide scholarships to children in preschools and grades K-12. 
  2. Upon approval, the business can receive a credit for up to 90% of their state tax liability for up to $1.7 million by making a gift to The Foundation for Jewish Day Schools (created by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia to provide needs-based school scholarships).
  3. The Foundation uses these donations to provide low- to moderate-income Jewish families with tuition assistance so their children can attend Jewish day schools and preschools.
  4. Participating businesses can also claim their gift as a charitable tax deduction on their Federal tax return.

Thanks to the EITC program, for the 2013-14 school year Jewish Federation’s Foundation awarded more than $2.4M in needs-based scholarships enabling 594 students from low- and moderate-income homes to attend a Greater Philadelphia Jewish day school. The Foundation also awarded nearly $330,000 in scholarships to 169 pre-school students from low- and moderate-income households.


What participants are saying about the EITC program:

“The EITC tax program is one of the most painless and yet most effective ways to give. In terms of results, I feel strongly that Jewish education at any and all levels is absolutely the most effective way to help our community to endure. It is enormously gratifying to give access to deserving students who might otherwise not receive the benefit of a Jewish education.”

 - Steven Fisher, Esq., CEO of Pei Genesis

“When we discovered our company could participate in the Pennsylvania Education Tax Credit Programs we jumped at the opportunity. We were amazed to learn that we could help Jewish children get a day school education that is at no cost to our company. It is very rewarding to know that our tax dollars are being used to help the future leaders of our community get an education that is grounded in Jewish values.”

 - Mary Relles, Treasurer of SofterWare

"It is extremely gratifying as the parent of day school students to know that my business’ state taxes can be turned into a gift to The Foundation for Jewish Day Schools at little or no cost to our firm. Parkway Corporation has been a participant in the Pennsylvania Educational Tax Credit Program since its inception in 2001. Nothing could be more rewarding than knowing Parkway's tax dollars are helping a Jewish family in need give their children the same outstanding education I want for my children.”

 - Robert Zuritsky, CEO of Parkway Corporation.

“The tax credit program is an easy way to support something we really believe in (Jewish education). It costs us no more and we know that our tax money is being put to good use by supporting The Foundation for Jewish Day Schools.”

 - Irv Stein, Keystone Motors

Read about EITC in the Jewish Exponent, EITC Empowering Businesses to Support Jewish Education.

For more information on the EITC program and to see a listing of day schools and pre-schools that partner with the Foundation – download our EITC brochure.

For questions, contact Ellen Matz at ematz@jfgp.org or call (215) 832-0525.