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Israel Community Workshops

About the Shaliach

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s shaliach is an emissary from Israel who serves a resource for the people, educators and organizations of Greater Philadelphia. The shaliach is available to provide – for no cost – Israel-focused programs, workshops and talks, as well as brainstorming sessions on how to increase Israel and community engagement.

Ultimately, this Jewish Federation program fortifies the connection between Philadelphia and Israel, with a special focus on strengthening the Jewish Federation’s Partnership2Gether community in Israel of Netivot and Sedot Negev.

Menu of Israel Workshops

Israel-themed programs are available to you. Interested in another aspect of Israeli culture, politics, or religion? You can work with our shliach to customize a program on virtually any Israel topic that fits your needs.


Aliyot: Waves of Culture
How did each wave of immigration to Israel affect the culture and society, and how did Israel treat each new group of immigrants? Is Israeli culture a “melting pot” or a “salad bowl”?   Let’s discuss.

Israeli Culture through Commercials
Screen 30 to 40 Israeli TV commercials and examine what can be learned about Israeli society just from commercials.

Israeli Music and Censorship
Listen to different songs that over the years have been censored in Israel and, therefore, not played on the radio, and discuss the reasons for this censorship.

Israeli Art
Together we will look at diverse examples of Israeli art.

Movies (separately or as a series):
Summertime Blues – what goes in the minds of high school students before joining the army; A Borrowed Identity (original title: Dancing Arabs) – a discussion of Israeli Arabs in Israel; Bethlehem – how Israel's secret intelligence works.

Startups in Israel
Learn about all the innovations that came from Israel, and how Israel became known as the "Start-Up Nation."

Tu B’Shevat Seder
This Jewish “New Year of the Trees” celebration has become the Jewish holiday to creatively explore our connections to the Land of Israel and the whole Earth.  Through tasting, reading, music and dance we’ll touch upon social justice, ecology, sh’mitah and pluralism in Judaism.


Israeli Politics
What is the structure of Israel’s government?  Learn about the different parties, what they stand for and the current domestic and international issues.

Rabin, Oslo and the Gap in the Society
Examine the Oslo agreement that led to Rabin’s assassination and how the gap in Israeli society became a breaking point. Learn about Rabin’s legacy and what happened to that gap in Israel.

The Never Ending Peace Process
We will discuss the history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and touch on many related topics, such as checkpoints, house demolitions and building in the settlements.

Stepping into an Israeli Soldier’s Shoes
Discuss different dilemmas that soldiers in Israel handle day by day, and explore the lives and experiences of different soldiers before and after entering the army.

Hot Topics:

After the Eichmann Trial
The 1961 Eichmann trial changed the perception of the Holocaust and survivors within Israeli society. This workshop will examine how Israelis referred to the Holocaust before and after the trial, and how Israeli schools addresses the Holocaust today.

Israel’s Diversity
Learn about the different minorities in Israel: the Bedouin, the Druze and Israeli Arabs.

Is There a "Glass Ceiling" in Israel?  
We will learn about women on the kibbutz, in politics, in the army and in the workplace and discuss the landmark "Alice Miller Supreme Court Decision."

The Israel Trail
Explore the geography of Israel and the Israel Trail, especially the national parks and villages the trail winds through.

Protests in Israel
Learn about protests in recent years and the hot topics in Israeli society today.

Refugees vs. "Infiltrators"
Learn about asylum seekers in Israel today, how this issue has become a hot topic in Israeli society, and the situation's challenges and current status.

Separation of State and Synagogue?
Discuss the challenges and values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Learn about the authority of the Rabbinical Court, the conflict regarding who is recognized as a Jew, and the relationships between the State and the different streams of Judaism.

The “State” of Tel Aviv
What societal conflict is reflected in the phrase the “State of Tel Aviv,” and what is the history behind the establishment of kibbutzim and development towns in Israel’s periphery?

Our Shaliach:

Mark Raoul Molnar

Raoul has over five years of experience working with the American Jewish community. He has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and human resources and a master’s degree in American Jewish history. After serving in the Israel Defense Forces for three years, Raoul became an Israeli counselor at a Jewish day camp in northern New Jersey. He then returned to the U.S. as a shaliach for the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga, working closely with synagogues and Jewish and non-Jewish organizations on Israel engagement and community engagement.  Upon returning to Israel, Raoul worked at an international overnight Jewish summer camp. For the three years prior to coming to Philadelphia, Raoul served as Director of the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows program, supervising young American Jewish adults teaching in Israel.


For more information contact:
Mark Raoul Molnar